Choosing the Proper Category on Google Business for Your Solar Company

As you set up you’re Google Business Profile, you’re asked to select a category—and there are literally thousands of business categories to choose from. Thankfully, there are only a few related to the solar industry. Check out our video to learn exactly which solar category you should choose for your company.

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Here’s step two out of 10 of The Ultimate Guide to Google Business Profile Optimization for Solar Companies.

Here, we’re talking about choosing the correct category for your solar company as it shows up in Google search. This is a big one that a lot of companies mess up and get wrong. I’m going to give you the keys to the kingdom right here right now.

So why do you want to care about choosing the right category? Let’s literally like, if you think about going to the library and looking for a cookbook, but you find it somewhere else, maybe in the history section, it wouldn’t make sense to have that cookbook in the history section now, would it? The same things would be true with your Google Business Profile for your solar company. If it’s in the wrong category. If it’s in the wrong category, people won’t find it when they’re searching for companies like yours. So, I’m going to reveal it to you right now, the best categories for solar companies, as it comes to their Google Business Profile and how to figure out if yours doesn’t fall in this category, what the right one actually is.

So if you do a quick search, for example solar companies, San Francisco, or do a search for solar companies in your city. What you’re going to find is the top results on the left-hand side of the page. And you can see here outlined in the orange that the category for most of these is either solar energy company or solar energy equipment supplier.

Now, a lot of folks get this messed up, get this wrong because they’re choosing solar energy contractor. Now, what you want to do is do the research and figure out what is the primary category is showing up inside of Google search when you look in your area. Whichever one is popping out more than all the others is the category that you should choose for your business.

So if you see most of the competitors showing is solar energy company, you should match that and choose that as well. You can still choose secondary categories like solar energy equipment supplier, or solar energy contractor, I think is the other one as your additional categories, but you want the primary one to be the one as the same as everybody else.

So do the research for your company, figure out what it is, and then make this big change.


Optimizing the Service Area on Google Business for Solar Companies

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