Digital Harvest Core Values

In every industry, there are good and bad eggs. And we’ve heard far too many horror stories of small businesses paying for SEO services but never knowing what they’re actually paying for and not seeing the results they were promised. That’s partly why we care so deeply about our core values and making our every interaction matter—whether it’s with a customer or another team member. Our core values are Kindness Over Everything, Elevate Everyone, Better Everyday, We Create Together, and The Answers Are Within.

Guided by Five Core Values, We Help Businesses Thrive

Our team has a lot to say about the Digital Harvest core values.

Kindness Over Everything

We truly believe there wouldn’t be a point to anything we do if we didn’t prioritize kindness over everything. In a digital world, online services rendered can be impersonal and lack excellence. But at Digital Harvest, we truly care about people more than we care about projects. And this is evident throughout our client journey and on our team.

Elevate Everyone

Elevate everyone means we strive to leave every interaction with the other person feeling elevated—better than they were before. Whether it’s interactions with clients or between team members, we always lift each other up, working towards the same goals and treating everyone with respect. Our desire is to elevate our client’s businesses so they can support their team, provide their services to the best of their ability, and accomplish their goals.

Better Everyday

Better Everyday as a core value allows us to make mistakes and to grow from them each day. And even if mistakes weren’t made, we still want to improve on our processes, our skills, and our communication—always growing and learning! The desire for growth from every person on our team is a part of our unique culture that we are really proud of. Better Everyday encourages us to avoid stagnancy, learn from mistakes, take on new goals, and pursue new ideas without fear.

We Create Together

If only our clients could see everything that goes on behind the scenes in any given project, they would see this value at work. Every single service we offer is a collaboration between at least two or three different team members, and sometimes it’s the whole team working towards a common goal. Each Digital Harvest team member takes pride in their area of expertise and offers their best to create a polished, finished product.

The Answers Are Within

The Answers Are Within is a treasured value on our team because each person is empowered to use their judgment and trust themselves. We’re not nameless, faceless robots on the other side of a computer screen. We are people with skill, passion, intuition, and know-how. Each team member has processes that they’re in charge of, allowing them to create content and deliverables for our clients as we see fit.

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