Does Your Website ACTUALLY Help You Get Solar Conversions?

Your potential customers are about to spend thousands of dollars investing in solar for their home. So they have to be able to trust the company they choose. A robust website full of helpful information is way better at creating trust with potential customers than an out-of-date, partially built-out website. Learn more about the importance of an awesome website in creating trust so your solar company can get 1-2 more leads per rep, per month in the Solar Stable Table of Trust series.

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Below, you will find a transcript of this entire video. Enjoy!

Hey, what’s good. It’s Avram Gonzalez here from Digital Harvest. I was doing some thinking this week after my wife had some valuable insight about the importance of websites.

So a quick little story here, and we’re gonna talk about why most solar company websites stink. They don’t do a good job of providing credibility or the other things that would help a customer reach a definitive conclusion about working with your company. They’re losing money every single month and sometimes the customers will tell you, “I didn’t choose you because your website stinks”. But a lot of them will simply just ghost you, disappear, and not respond because when they looked these companies up, they didn’t feel the confidence they’re gonna be served well based on what they did or did not find.

I realized this week, as my wife was looking up some fourth-trimester care for our baby. Who’s on the way coming in June and getting some help here around the house and with her personally following the birth of our son, she looked at two different websites for services that could help us with that after-birth care. One of them had basically no information. The other one had tons of information, lots of FAQs, and all kinds of stuff that made her confident that they were the right choice.

She didn’t even call the other company because of what she found slash didn’t find on their website. And this is why this is important because customers are spending thousands of dollars getting solar panels on their roof, whether that’s, you know, through financing or other methods, it’s a big decision and they need to feel confident that they’ve chosen the right company, the right person.

So before appointments, after appointments, they’re looking you up online and if they don’t find the information, they need to feel confident. It becomes a real objection. One that should just be handled by taking care of this one piece of the puzzle, which is one part of four in our Stable Table of Trust conversation, we started this week.

So we got five things for you that every solar company needs to do with their website beyond just having. that will really tip the scales and make a tangible difference on the effectiveness of your sales force.

Clear Contact

The first one is a clear contact. If you don’t have a clear form of contact or you’ve got contact information there, that’s got different area codes, um, because the business is from outta state. You know, those kinds of things, when people feel like it’s not local, it’s like they can’t trust you. A clear form of contact so they can get in touch with the office is a really important piece. Sometimes overlooked, believe it, or not.

About Page or Team Page

The second piece is some sort of about or team page. Now I see a lot of companies that have very generic messaging on those pages, pictures that don’t even have people in them, and no mention of ownership or who the people that they’re gonna be working in the office, helping a customer on their journey of going solar. Those things are your advantage, especially as a local or regional solar company. That can put you ahead of national competitors because it makes you real by highlighting the team members, and their backgrounds, and sharing something human about the business. That’s the second piece.

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The third piece might seem obvious, but again, not a lot of attention being paid to it are the testimonials. So reviews from real customers that have gone solar with you. More are generally better, especially testimonials that speak directly to specific objections that people have before they’re going solar. Handpick those, feature them on the pages that count on the website and you’ll watch the effectiveness of all of your proposals start to go up, cuz people are looking you up, whether you realize it or not to justify their position.

Information on the Products

Fourth, second to last year is some information on the products. Recently spoke with a friend of mine who lost a deal because the customer had to go to other websites to go find the information about their product and then chose what was essentially an inferior product based off of the fact that they couldn’t find more information on the sales rep’s company’s website. They went with somebody else that’s the long or short of it. So if you have the information on your website, they stay there. They don’t go somewhere else looking for it. And then you don’t lose them.


The fifth thing, again, this might seem like common sense, but it’s just not being addressed — is really well thought out FAQs. So you know what people are asking you in every sales conversation, take each of those things that they’re asking you and turn them into FAQs on the website, and you’ve got this bank of things that people can sort of… You know, you can overcome these objections with people before they ever sign, or sometimes even talk to you. You can be ahead of it.

These are the five ways that our website can really back up your sales force and turn into a conversion element, a part of the machine that’s going to help you close more deals and get more installs. We do this every single day at digital harvest with each of our seller clients.

If you’re interested in getting some help on this particular aspect and beefing up your website, so it can become a part of your sales team and a part of your process to help everything, all your KPIs across the board increase. Then get with me, and send me a direct message. Be happy to help you out. Have a discussion about how we might be able to do that for you moving forward.

So that’s it for me, these are the five elements that can help your solar website be less sucky. Just a quick recap, it’s having a clear contact and about, or a team page that’s fully decked out. Like we talked about testimonials, information on all those products, and an FAQ. Those things will go a long way if we know how to craft them the right way.

If you’re interested in learning more, just get with me otherwise, have a great day. We’ll talk to you soon. Cheers.


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