Take a look at A&R Solar, an installer out of Seattle WA, and how they can improve their Google Business profile to attract more solar customers. Specifically, how updating the content on their website can have a huge impact on their search visibility among their competitors.

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A&R Solar Google Business Optimization Tips | Is Your Website Set Up for Success?

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Hey, what’s good. It’s Avram Gonzales here from Digital Harvest and in today’s video, we’re going to go over some killer Google business optimization tips for your solar company. Today, we’ve got a great example of A&R Solar, a company located in Seattle, Washington. And doing a deep dive onto some of the most important aspects that would help them get better performance from their Google business listing here, we’re going to focus on a couple of things, including the website and how that correlates to your ability to show up on Google. You can take these tips to the bank and start implementing them for yourself. 

Today, we’re looking at specifically one part of the process that we do at Digital Harvest as a sort of internal audit. Of, companies. Potential growth using Google inbound search in a variety of other digital marketing methods. The seed is really where everything starts. You get this place, right? You move out from here and everything begins to compound ode effectiveness over time.

This stage of growth correlates closely with the Google business listing. And we’re going to go into some details. On that here in a moment. The number one reason why this is important for any solar company is you’re literally leaving money on the table. If you don’t do this. And if you don’t do it right, consumers are more savvy than ever. They’re looking you up online. They want to see reviews. They want to see photos. They want to see all these things that make you credible in a sea of other competitors who make you look not credible. 

Okay. We already know what the industry is like. It’s time to stand apart from the rest of the crowd. There’s a variety of reasons why this is important, but that’s just one of them. So we’re going to do a deep dive here, a couple of different categories, sections that we look at here at Digital Harvest. Do you evaluate the effectiveness of your Google business listing? 

Here again, we’ve got this example from A&R Solar out of Seattle, Washington, and we’re going to go through this checklist. Jump on some of the highlights. And focusing on those and making sure that these are dialed in the correct way. So we look at the business details. We can see on the right-hand side, this is a screenshot of their Google business profile panel. 

There’s a couple of things that stick out first. The wrong category is selected as the primary category for their Google business listing. The proper category that you want to be in, no matter who you are is solar energy company. There are about three different selections that you can choose from. You’ll notice if you do a Google search in your area. 

Almost every single time. The top three competitors are going to have solar energy company as their main category. And then they’ll have solar energy contractor as a sub-category. And then there are one or two other selections that are possible. Okay. The main category plays a big part. And your ability to show up inside a Google search. Choose the right one. 

And you have a chance of getting found, choose the wrong one. You’re going to be buried at the bottom of the list. This one change makes a really big difference. The second thing I want to point out here is if you go look this company up online. And you click on this button over here that says a website on their Google business profile. 

You’re going to go to their homepage. Now it’s not a bad thing that you’re going to the whole page, but you’ll notice that the whole page is a very generic homepage. That doesn’t list the word Seattle anywhere. No part about it is specific to that particular city where the Google business listing is located. 

And so there may be videos that I do that you can find on the YouTube channel that go into more detail on what a properly optimized page would be for this. But the point is that there’s not a dedicated page on the website for this particular service area. If you want to expand your reach properly, you want different pages on the website that are dedicated towards different service areas. The suburbs around where you operate, including. 

The main city of central focus where the Google business listing is tied to, we see this happen with a lot of companies. It’s very common. But this piece along with the category are two of the most influential parts of what we’re looking at here today in showing up in Google search. And allowing you to generate more leads on autopilot just by doing this. Okay. So again, provide more detail on the YouTube channel with other videos supporting this, but that’s the general gist of this particular aspect. These two changes are really important and could go a long way. 

Next we’re looking at the media, which. Encapsulates all of the different photos, videos, and other pieces that you can add to your legitimacy of the business. What we like to see is lots of photos that show your team out in the field that show your equipment, that show branded vehicles, and so on and so forth. And we’ve got that present here on this Google business profile. But what we’re missing is. 

More of it. So we need at least 30 to 50 photos to get a good start with this Google profile. 

Profiles that have more photos get more views and more visibility on Google. Also, the more that you have, the more credibility you’re seen and given by your prospective customers. So in this way, you can take a step ahead of your competition by having more photos and by doing what A&R has done here, which has got a good start. 

They’ve got the right types of photos that are on their particular listing, but they just need a lot more of them and they need to update them more frequently. The last update was about. A year and a half, almost two years ago. In 2020. So that’s another area here where you can get more visibility and you can build that credibility. 

The last piece here is the content and the description that you use on that Google business listing. Again, we have this screenshot here on the right-hand side for A&R Solar, and you can see they’ve done a lot here. Very well. They’ve maxed out that description with 750 characters, they’ve used all that space. They’ve used a ton of industry keywords, including solar panel installer solar panel. 

Solar panel installations. They’ve also included many of the different brands that they install. All of these things, build out a really comprehensive description that Google can understand and will feed to more prospective clients that are looking you up online. So very good job here on the description. They’re also making good use of those Google posts. 

Of course more is always better in this game. And the one thing that they’re missing is a specific call to action. So somewhere in here, usually towards the end of this description, putting something very straightforward for that prospective customer. Call us now for a free assessment. Call us now or visit our website, some kind of verbiage that directs them and tells them what you want them to do. 

It seems like it’s really straightforward thing, but. It’s a very important thing to you. You have to tell people what to do in order to get ahold of you and in order to get into your pipeline. So in summary, we have a couple of recommendations here. The most important we talked about in the beginning was around those business details, connecting it to the right website landing page and doing some optimization for that.

Also updating that proper category, that, that primary category to solar energy company that makes a really big difference. Adding more images that again, increases your credibility for your prospective customer. It also allows you to show up more in Google search and you do that more frequently. That’s always going to help. 

Overall the description was great and just needs to add that call to action. And when we look at this. Google business listing as a whole. It definitely needs some attention. So giving it that attention. Some of those pointers that we shared here in this video and some additional things as well, if we want to get more tech in advanced those things will move the needle in a very significant way for this company. You can take these tips, take them to the bank, implement them for your company and watch the results grow. 

So that’s it for this video. If you’d like to follow us on social media, we’re dropping more content like this on a daily basis, things that can help your solar business grow. We’d love to hear from you in the comments. Please subscribe, follow, and reach out to us. If you have any questions.

Bye for now.

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