It doesn’t take much to gain an edge on your competition in the solar marketing space. In today’s episode, you’ll see the difference photos can have on your Google Business Profile visibility.

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Using Photos to Boost Your Solar Companies’ Google Business Profile Performance

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Hey, what’s good. It’s Avram Gonzalez here from Digital Harvest. And today we’re talking about more Google business optimization tips for solar companies. Our theme is more, is generally better. In the example, I’m going to share with you here, looking at Solar Energy Labs out of Jacksonville, Florida, you’ll gain a better understanding of why these things are so important and why other solar companies are leaving money on the table and are just a few tweaks away from getting more visibility and more.

Google search. And so we’re looking at this today from the overall perspective of how we exhibit. Solar campaigns at Digital Harvest here at the marketing agency services, we provide the Google business listing is the core. It’s the beginning, it’s the seed of these stages. And that’s the one we’re going to focus on here today.

The reason the Google business profile is so important for your solar success is because it can increase the level of trust you have with your customers, which means that you also increase your conversions. Every single knock and appointment set and so on and so forth. You know, people look you up online.

If you don’t have this and you don’t have it decked out the way that we’re going to advise and look at it. You’re leaving money on the table. Okay. So let’s jump into it. You’re used to this by now. If you’ve been watching a couple of these videos, we’re looking first at the business details of Solar Energy Labs, Google listing on Google search.

If you do a search for their names for energy labs in Jacksonville, Florida, you’ll see this panel. And we’re not going to focus on every single checklist on this page or the subsequent pages, but we’re going to look at the ones that matter most, a big thing that we see come up over and over and over in this analysis we’ve been performing lately is that, the correct category is not chosen with this Google business listing. Okay. They have themselves listed under solar energy contractor. And what is ideal is for you to be listed as solar energy company, small tweak, but these two different categories get a lot of different love on Google. So what energy company is the better one, and you’ll notice you can make this one change and see.

Increase in your overall visibility and search. The rest of this was performed well by this company. So this one category thing is going to make a big difference. It really is a big deal. Let’s move here to the next piece, which is the media and sort of the focus of our analysis today. And the title of this video, you know, more is generally better.

And so while. This company was able to hit all the checkmarks for everything else on here. They’ve put some energy into putting up unique photos of their particular installs their, um, their vehicles, their, their staff. They could just put a lot more. So we like to see at least 30 photos that the business itself has uploaded.

And these days I’m looking more in the range of 50 to a hundred to be really seen as legitimate and help this convert for your company at a higher rate. So more photos, more credibility, better show up rate inside those Google searches. I remember other people can be doing this work for you. Getting people to turn to you for quotes and for information because they already got knocked and now they’re wanting to reach out to others to get more info. That’s why this is so important.

The last piece here, the third set of information that we’re looking at is the content section. You’ll see this on the right hand side, a screenshot of that Google business description. That’s sitting at the bottom of their Google business listing.

So. Again, more is generally better. And there is some extra space that could be, it was to maximize for this description here. It’s on the right. So things that were done really well is the use of all different industry keywords. So like solar contractors, um, solar company, things like that use of the, of the regional name, you know, Jacksonville, Florida, and on and on.

There’s a clear call to action and the one piece that we could gain an edge on other competitors would be to start making use of the Google business post that’s in the bottom, right there updates from Solar Energy Labs. You can see, it says view previous updates. It’s been a long time since that’s been updated.

It’s just another way to get more information into Google and position yourself. For more conversion opportunities when people are checking out your Google business listing. So a couple of general recommendations I’d make for this company would be to update that business category. We see this a lot, and it’s the difference between showing up in that map section prominently on Google, uh, versus not, which is where a lot of companies are.

Images more is always going to be better. It’s a trust-building factor, and it’s a reason that Google will show your business listing to more customers than others. Less photos. Let’s see this directly correlated between companies. Okay. And for content, you really want to take advantage of those Google business posts and that description.

Anything you can put more information into that Google business listing is going to be a great place for you to gain. An edge on the competition. Overall, I think this company has done a great job so far and that they are some tweaks away from getting even more out of it. If you’re interested in learning more about the 10 steps that we take for every solar company and maximizing this Google business profile, just go to digitalharvestsolar.io/gmb-guide-for-solar.

For that download. It’s an amazing slide deck. You’ll get a lot out of it. That’s it for me for this video today. If you want more tips to grow your solar business, then just follow us on social media, jump on our newsletter, or even connect with us in the comments below this video. We’d love to hear from you.

So like follow, share, check out some of the recent videos and we’ll catch you on the other side. Bye for now.

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