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Take a look at OE Solar, an installer out of Albuquerque NM, and how they can improve their Google Business profile to attract more solar customers. Specifically, how just changing your primary category can make a huge difference in search visibility for solar companies.

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OE Solar Google Business Optimization Tips – Choosing the Right GBP Category for Solar Companies

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Hey, what’s good. It’s Avram Gonzales here from Digital Harvest. And in today’s video, we’re taking a look at one of the most important digital marketing channels for solar growth. And that’s your Google business profile. We’ve got an example today, a company named OE Solar out of Albuquerque New Mexico.

We’ll be taking a closer look at their Google business listing and finding some ways that they could improve. You can take these exact same tips, implement them for your business and see substantial changes. So let’s get into it. First. We have our four stages of growth. This is what we look at here at Digital Harvest.

When we’re assessing and evaluating where a company should start their online marketing efforts in order to maximize their time, money and resources invested. The seed is the very beginning here and it correlates very closely with the Google business listing. So why does having an optimized Google business profile matter?

There’s a lot of different reasons. One being to help legitimize your company versus others. It’s good. When people look you up that you’ve got this thing fully fleshed out, and it just adds to your credibility. You’re going to close more sales, have less cancellations people getting cold feet at the end, you’re going to attract the most interested buyer you could possibly have, which is somebody specifically looking for your services.
That’s further down the buying process. And once you set this up, it’s going to work for you forever. No need to go back and make a ton of changes. Although you can, you’re going to set this up once and reap the rewards. So we have three different checklists that we’re going to go through here today that we do as essentially like an internal audit here at Digital Harvest.

For these Google business listings, you can follow along here and just go through your own Google business profile and make sure that you’re checking all these books. There are many things that go into the effectiveness of your Google business listing. We’ve highlighted some of the most important ones.

picture of the Google business profile optimization checklist for OE Solar - the 'business details' part of GBP

I may not hit on every single category here, but we’re going to go into the ones that matter the most. So you can see on the right-hand side, we have a screenshot of, OE Solar’s business listing located at Albuquerque new max. And I want to touch on two of the most important places where these guys could see some major improvement.

First is the category selection you see here that it says that there are solar energy contractor in Albuquerque, New Mexico. What’s important about that is if you do a Google search for solar companies in Albuquerque or solar panels in Albuquerque, things like that, you’ll notice that the top results all have one thing.

They have the same category, the same primary category selected, which has not this one for most markets in the United States, the proper category to select, to be competitive in Google searches is solar energy company. Okay. Not solar energy contractor. So there’s like three or four different options. You want solar energy company to be the number one.

Followed by, and you can have some of these other secondary categories like solar energy contractor. This one change makes a huge difference for your ability to show up in search. The second thing that I want to note here is the website being linked to the proper page. If you click on the website button on this Google business listing, it takes you to a generic homepage that is.

You know what we refer to as optimized for Albuquerque New Mexico, the city that this listing is located in. Why is that our problem? Because Google not only looks at what is on this Google business profile, but also what is on the website page that it’s linked to in order to determine where it shows up in search, there is not a single mention of the word Albuquerque, and there’s a bunch of other things that are not optimized on that page for Albuquerque New Mexico that would allow this listing to perform.

In all cases, it’s best to have a homepage that is generic on a solar website, but to have additional pages that are specific to each individual city that you target in, that you install in, or that you see. So this, again, this change, these two changes would make a big deal for OE Solar garnering more interested buyers through Google search.

So those are my two big suggestions here. Many of the other things are done, right? And we’re not going to go into detail here on this. Next, we have a section, which is like the media checklist for Google business profile optimization. And this one they did really well from an aesthetic standpoint. The only thing that we could improve here would be creating a logo and uploading that logo that specifically a better fit for your Google business, listing your Google profile. When you look at this business on YouTube, on Google search and any of the other Google properties, it’d be nice if it was that perfect little circle, highlighting their logo, that’s really, um, you know, nitpicking this because everything else was done really well.

picture of the google business profile optimization checklist for OE Solar detailing the media and image portion of google my business

I do want to point out some things that most solar companies forget to do that they did well, which is using unique photos. Taking pictures of their crew and including photos. You can see on the bottom right here of the actual business location. It’s great. If you can have pictures of trucks and other equipment and things, but like stock photos or things that you want to avoid, they just don’t translate well for your customer.
They want to know that you’re a real company that you’re here in the area and you didn’t just upload a bunch of photos from some other region or some other company passing them off as yours. So they did really well in this media checklist here, and you should check them out to see what they did.

They’ve got tons of great content on there. Finally, we have this third part of the checklist, which relates to the content or rather the actual words that are written on their Google business profile, particularly on this screenshot on the right. You can see their Google business description and then a section of their latest Google post.

There’s a couple of things that I would do to make some improvements here. One is maxing out this Google business profile. There are 750 characters that you can work with to put in different keywords that people might be searching for. And other verbiage that would increase the number of people that find you to actually call you and get proposals from you.

picture of google business optimization checklist for OE solar - detailing the content and GBP description sections

Right. Increase that conversion. This is not using that full 750 characters. They could add more industry keywords. One thing that they did great is they did include the word Albuquerque New Mexico, which is where they’re based out of and where this profile is located. They got the company name that’s in there, but they’re missing that call to action, that place where they can tell them, you know, tell that prospective customer, reach out to us to schedule an implant.

Call now contact us some form of that verbiage to get that customer to take action. Okay. And the last piece is, is a place where you can squeeze more value out of your Google business listing and further educate prospects is through Google posts link. It’s really cool that they highlighted some of the community service that they’d done in the industry done in the area recently.

However, it’s been sometimes in some posts have been made on here. And those are just areas where again, you feed Google more content, more photos, more words, all of the things being equal, your profile will perform better and it will show up in more searches, which means more phone calls and more appointments for you.

picture of google business profile optimization recommendations for OE solar broken down into three sections: business details, images, and content

So a summary of this would essentially be that this profile needs some attention. Those couple of tweaks that we talked about with that category change and attaching the listing to the proper page on the website would allow for a huge lift in that Google business profile and its effectiveness. Also adding a call to action and getting more strategic with the keyword.

Would increase the lift as well, get found by more people. These are just the foundational steps that get you going. If you’re interested in really maxing out this Google business profile, you can download a free guide on our website, the 10 steps, and the Ultimate Google My Business Guide for Solar to help you do that and go into much more detail on the things that we talked about with more examples than we shared here today.

And with that. Like to invite you to follow us like us share this content with your friends and fellow colleagues on social media. Give us a follow, and download the free guide. If you’re interested and check out the rest of our videos on YouTube and glean more content to help your solar company grow. If you’ve got questions, post them below and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Thanks for watching!

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