Get 1-2 More Closed Deals Per Sales Rep Per Month

Stop Wasting Money on Solar Marketing Services

That Don’t Work

Digital Harvest Solar Guarantees Quality Leads and More Closed Deals Each Month with the Solar Install Maximizer

Losing Leads Because of Lackluster Digital Presence is a Thing of the Past

Tired of spending money on Facebook and Youtube ads that bring in low-quality leads? Or maybe it’s just the high cost of customer acquisition that is getting you down. These problems are all over the solar industry, and that’s why our founder Avram Gonzales created Digital Harvest Solar. After owning and operating a successful search engine optimization agency based in Albuquerque for the better part of a decade, Gonzales decided to steer the company’s focus towards this incredible industry that helps so many people and the planet. We’ve crafted a comprehensive digital marketing plan called the Solar Install Maximizer—combining our expertise in SEO with world-class digital marketing tools to bring in 1-2 more closed deals per sales rep per month.

Avoid Cancelled Installs with an Online Presence that Establishes Trust and Authority

The chart below shows how we work with solar companies over time and through various stages to produce lasting results that will bring in an extra 1-2 closed deals per sales rep per month.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How do solar marketing services works?

We combine all of our expertise in search engine optimization and digital marketing to implement a cohesive marketing strategy. From Google Ads, to a custom, eye-catching website optimized for SEO, all of our offerings work together to generate high-quality leads for solar companies.

How long does it take to see results for solar marketing services?

We use a layered plan of attack to start getting your leads right away, as well we building up to more auto-generating leads over time. Strategies like review marketing and Google Ads begin creating results in just one week. Strategies like our website design and build, and SEO strategies unfold over months.

How do I know if my company is a good candidate for solar marketing?

If you’re tired of the high cost of customer acquisition, solar marketing services are for you. If you know you’ve lost leads because your online presence doesn’t represent the excellent service your business has to offer, solar marketing is for you. If your team wants to focus on the boots-on-the-ground activities and outsource the online marketing, solar marketing is for you! Contact Digital Harvest Solar to learn more.

Do you have exclusivity agreements with solar companies?

Because the Digital Harvest Solar marketing services are proprietary and designed to make your business the solar industry leader in your area, we do have an exclusivity agreement. We will only take on one client per region so we aren’t working against ourselves, and you!

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