Lauren Bratten knows that in the world of digital content, if your site can’t capture potential clients hook, line, and sinker, you might as well be dead in the water. And that’s why we’re so thrilled to have such an incredibly creative and talented content creator like Lauren on the Digital Harvest team.

Lauren is a successful entrepreneur and a bright talent who understands that well written content is the most important tool marketers have to convert traffic into sales. Through knowledge gained from launching her own content creation business back in 2017, she’s learned exactly what it takes to make a highly ranked website not only visible to potential customers, but also engaging. 

Painting with a Full Pallet of Colors

To say that Lauren is good at writing for an audience is an understatement. She knows that quality content has to make customers not just want to purchase your products or services, but also to feel good about the purchase. Many find it a challenge to truly get inside the head of both seller and buyer, but for Lauren, that skill comes naturally thanks to her unique background as an Art History scholar. 

In her studies at Colorado State University, Lauren gained the tools and vocabulary necessary to interpret the wealth of our visual culture through written word. She learned to create narrative from nuance and that objects can have beautiful meaning in our everyday lives. At Digital Harvest, we love the unique perspective she brings to the table, and her ability to bring our client’s visions to life. She does this by writing specialized SEO content for client’s websites, boosting their visibility on Google, and even helping them to put their best foot forward with press releases that are both succinct and imaginative. 

We all know the frustration of visiting a new website only to find broken links, misspelled words, and bad navigation. As Lauren will tell you, first impressions can make or break you and that’s why having a talented writer like her is such an important asset to the growth of your business.

Having your professionalism displayed right there for them to see when they click on your site is the best way to prove that you’re a master in your field. 

The Next Big Thing

When she’s not busy building websites and creating content, Lauren is a Spartan racer, a dance and fitness instructor, and an all-around outdoor goddess. She loves teaching her two daughters about the world by loading everyone up into the family RV and taking trips all across the country.

When people meet me they often think I’m introverted, but my truth is that I love exploring, I love adventure, and I often find myself taking calculated risks, pushing myself towards the next big thing.

That sense of adventure is how Lauren ended up working for us out of Loveland, Colorado and we couldn’t be happier to have her with us. “I’m excited to work for Digital Harvest because I know I can apply my passion for writing, and my ability to be truly creative to support small businesses, to help clients succeed.” 

Play to Your Strengths

Kicking off a small business or growing into a freelancing role, can be intimidating, but Lauren says all of those feelings are normal when you’re just starting out. “Everyone always feels like an imposter at first. You have to be open to learning as you go. I think my biggest pieces of advice are that confidence is key, always play to your strengths, and stay passionate about your projects.

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Avram Gonzales

About the Author

Avram Gonzales has always been a visionary and a supporter of people. His marketing expertise and desire to help small business owners thrive brought about Digital Harvest.

For each client, Avram creates a plan of attack to dramatically improve their ranking, using our arsenal of proprietary methods. Avram also empowers small businesses to succeed by teaching webinars and guest speaking at various events.

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