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Every team needs someone that keeps everyone’s heads on straight. For Digital Harvest, that person is Kim Ciriaco. And in a digital age where many people are working from home anyway, we have the privilege of having Kim join our team all the way from the Philippines.

Executive Assistant Extraordinaire

Kim’s skills lie in executing and organization, and that’s why we need her. In a team of creatives and visionaries, Kim always has our backs, making sure the details don’t fall through the cracks. And she has a magical ability to design creative solutions for us before we even know there is a problem.

Kim has been virtually assisting clients for over three years, bringing her strengths to many teams and making them better for it. And that’s certainly been the case at Digital Harvest. Kim is a wizard at Excel and enjoys organizing systems and learning new skills. In fact, Kim shared that one of her favorite tasks with us at Digital Harvest was one where every step of the project was entirely new for her. She said,

Working with WordPress has been my favorite because when I first started, it was hard, and I didn’t know I could do it!”

But not only does Kim crush new tasks, but she somehow makes them better than they were supposed to be!

Additionally, since joining the Digital Harvest team, Kim has enjoyed learning about what makes us tick—SEO. As an eager and quick learner, Kim couldn’t be a better asset to the team.

Heart of Gold

Kim’s “why” is a great example of one of the things we prize here at Digital Harvest—that our team can have a flexible schedule and prioritize family. She found this career path when she needed a way to be a mom full-time and work full-time. 

Before being a VA, Kim worked in a call center on the sales team and facilitating newly hired agents. But leaving her call center job and working for herself as a virtual assistant allowed her to have the flexibility to care for her son and provide for her family. And in these COVID times, that also includes helping him with school and keeping him entertained while being housebound. 

Despite all of these responsibilities, Kim finds a way to balance it all. And when we asked Kim how she does it, she responded,

Have integrity in what you do…If you want to keep your clients, you have to do your best, even if no one is watching you. Be there when your client sends you a message and ask you to do something. And learn different skills. It’s not a permanent job, so you have to learn other skills to work with different clients.”

Besides Kim’s obvious integrity, one of her dreams she told us about shows she really does have a heart of gold. One day soon, she wants to spend her birthday going to an orphanage and hosting a celebration not for herself but for the children. She plans to bring food and gifts, and her mom and dad want to be in on it too. 

We couldn’t be more thankful to have Kim on the Digital Harvest team, with her skillset, diligence, and infectious smile. Thanks for all you do, Kim!

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