A few months ago, our team at Digital Harvest took the CliftonStrengths test. When we initially took it, it was truly amazing to see how the different team members each carry a set of strengths that make them great at what they do. But when we took the test, we had no idea that Rachel Gonzales would use her strengths to bring our whole team to the next level.

From Behind the Scenes to Team Mom

Rachel, who happens to be married to Digital Harvest founder Avram Gonzales, has been a part of the Digital Harvest team for several years. But initially, her role was very behind-the-scenes. Rachel completed payroll and billing and would pop into a team Zoom meeting now and then. She had her own alterations business that was her full-time gig.

But over the last six months or so, and throughout the pandemic, it became more obvious to Rachel what was and wasn’t working for her and her long-term goals. As she continued to take on more responsibilities with Digital Harvest, Rachel eventually decided it was time to allow sewing to return to being a hobby. Instead of being a full-time seamstress, Rachel determined to use her superpowers to support the Digital Harvest team as the Process Architect and Queen of Quality Control. And when Avram and Rachel officially announced the transition, the team was ecstatic! Returning to the CliftonStengths, Rachel’s #1 strength is “Restorative,” which the test describes as,

adept at dealing with problems. Restoratives are good at figuring out and solving problems.”

And that is what Rachel has done since joining the team full-time.

While we all have our own important strengths we share with the team, we didn’t realize how many holes we had in our processes until Rachel stepped up and started fixing them with her restorative powers. Rachel quickly brought a massive amount of organization to both our internal file sharing and task management software.

When we had a chance to chat about her role, Rachel shared, 

When I hear the things that are not working, I can bring positivity to it—even to the things that feel impossible. I look forward to building out the processes that help everyone be efficient. Those are the things that make me tick, to streamline things for people.”

So, it shouldn’t surprise anyone, and certainly, anyone who knows Rachel personally, that her second-highest strength on the Clifton test is “Positivity.” Also, Rachel’s not afraid to make sure things are getting done and helps put team members in a position where they are doing the work that inspires them. Rachel embodies our core value, “Elevate Everyone,” with how she supports the team and creates space for each member to operate at their best.

Passion for the Community

Digital Harvest has always been a combination of remote team members and local to Albuquerque folks. But now that Rachel is full-time with Digital Harvest, it’s great to have some more boots on the ground in Albuquerque so that our team can reach even more local-to-ABQ businesses with our services.

From her experience with her alterations business, Rachel knows first-hand the effects that COVID and COVID restrictions can have on a small business.

Now, more than ever, people need the services we offer. If your business isn’t easily found online, your business will die.”

So, Rachel has stepped up networking on behalf of Digital Harvest, including being a valued member of our local BNI chapter. In fact, that’s how Rachel and Avram met to begin with! Back when Rachel was at BNI to network for her alterations company, she was the Vice President, and Avram was the President. Now, Rachel uses these networking opportunities to share with other small businesses how they can expand their online presence both with the support of Digital Harvest and on their own.

Seamstress Extraordinaire and Outdoors Enthusiast

When Rachel isn’t helping the Digital Harvest team build our processes and stay on-task, you’ll probably find her working with her hands in one way or another. Rachel is excellent at sewing and is excited to allow sewing to take over as a passion instead of a career once again. Rachel’s very handy and loves fixing and building things as well.

And Rachel and Avram love hiking, camping, doing yoga together, and of course, taking their dog Zuna on walks.

Rachel is a life-long learner—also evidenced in her #4 strength, “Learner”—and loves reading, listening to audiobooks, and doing other activities that challenge her mind like puzzles and Sudoku puzzles.

Although Rachel was always a part of the team, we are so grateful to have her on the team in a larger capacity, helping us serve our customers more efficiently and maintaining our sanity when the to-do list is a million miles long!

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Avram Gonzales

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Avram Gonzales has always been a visionary and a supporter of people. His marketing expertise and desire to help small business owners thrive brought about Digital Harvest.

For each client, Avram creates a plan of attack to dramatically improve their ranking, using our arsenal of proprietary methods. Avram also empowers small businesses to succeed by teaching webinars and guest speaking at various events.

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