Online Reputation is KEY for Solar Companies—How to Maximize the BBB and Other Directories

That one terrible review on the BBB is driving away customers?? Let’s flip the script! We business owners all know directories are places where businesses have to pay to look good. The trouble is, consumers don’t always know that, and they’re still going places like the BBB, Angi’s List, and SolarReviews to learn about your company. Watch this video in our Solar Stable Table of Trust series to stop swimming upstream and learn how to control your online reputation.

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Below, you will find a transcript of this entire video. Enjoy!

Hey, what's good internet land. It's Avram Gonzales here from Digital Harvest, and we're continuing our conversation today about how we're helping solar companies close one to two new deals every single month per rep on their team by executing on a couple simple principles that I'm sharing in these daily lives.

So we're talking about number two here of four in our stable table of trust, a process that's really important for solar companies, especially, and also those businesses that require a large amount of customer trust before doing business with you. That could be because it's a higher ticket item or some other large commitment on their end to make the decision that's when this can be the most impactful for you.

I was thinking today just about how well I was talking to a business owner, recently solar company who recently talked to a customer who was doing some research, at the Better Business Bureau, right? Looking up solar companies on the Better Business Bureau website and was impressed with how great my friend's company was in that. There were a lot of others out there who weren't as great. And the thing that struck me as funny about it is that the look, you know, the typical person, doesn't realize that the Better Business Bureau is not a government entity. People think that the Better Business Bureau is out looking out for the consumer, but when you really think about it, what is the, the BBB really doing? It's collecting company's money to post and keep relevant complaints about the company online. So this like can work for you or against you as a business owner. And if you're a solar boss, you actually may want to consider being on the Better Business Bureau because in paying for it. Here's why, because if somebody does complain and put something on there, who do you think the Better Business Bureau or how do you think that the BBB is gonna treat you when you asked to get false things removed from their website, if you're paying for it versus not. Your case will probably be very different if you're paying for it.

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So this is one of those things that's like, yeah, it's a, it's, it's kind of a necessary evil. Now it's more than just the Better Business Bureau that your customers are looking you up on. Okay. It's more than just that. There's Google, there's Facebook, there's Angi, there's SolarReviews. Those are all places where people are looking you up, your customers are looking you up and if you're not there, or if you don't have favorable reviews there and you're not working on it, what's gonna happen. You're gonna lose trust. Do you really want to have to tell the customer Yelp is a scam Better Business Bureau is a scam or is it just better to have that objection handled before somebody ever reaches it. Yeah. We've got great reviews everywhere. You check us out online. That's where you want to be. It empowers you in the sales process at every step along the way.

The last one I was thinking about is Glassdoor. So if you're a company that's really looking to recruit more reps, it's good that you have a favorable reputation on a site like Glassdoor. which comes up by the way, if you search any company's name in Glassdoor, there's probably a profile there and your employees and past team members are leaving reviews about you. You might wanna check that out.

So there's all these places to consider that can really get you hung up and selling more deals when people can't find you online, it's better just to have them in place and have a strategy in place for you to be able to get those things there. If you don't have 'em already.

That's what we do at Digital Harvest. We help take care of your online reputation among a variety of other things that will help absolutely boost your bottom line. Make the sales process easier, sell more deals, just have more fun running your business the way you want it.

So if you want more information about this, you wanna talk about it a little bit more just send me a private message here at Avram Gonzales from Digital Harvest and look forward to catching you on the next video.

We'll talk more about the other stable table of trust elements, we've got two more. We'll see you on the next one. Bye for now.


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