Optimizing the Service Area on Google Business for Solar Companies

As you set up a Google Business Profile for your solar company, you’re asked to select a service area. This should be straightforward enough, right? Well, you’d be surprised how many people want to take too large of a piece of the pie, and end up diluting their search results. Check out this video to learn how to strategically pick your service area so your Google Business Profile is seen by the most people in your area.

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Below, you will find a transcript of this entire video. Enjoy!

Step three out of our 10 steps for the ultimate guide to Google business optimization for solar companies has to do with your service area and choosing the right service area. A lot of companies get this wrong because I think they get a little greedy.

They want to be able to get as much business as possible and they choose these huge service areas, maybe across the entire state they’re in or multiple regions. And it doesn’t really make. Okay. The reason it doesn’t make sense. And why it’s important to pay attention to this piece is because really what we’re trying to do is choose what is a legitimate service area.

So a customer looks you up online, they see where you serve. If they fall in that, they’re going to be excited about having you come out and do an install on their home. Okay. So you can communicate what your real service area is not where you be willing to go. Okay. It’s not going to make sense to choose a huge service area because Google is really only going to show this business listing to folks that are searching in that city that you’re actually located in with that listing.

So if we look at it some examples here in a moment, we’re going to see it makes sense to choose an area that might surround the Metro area, where you’re in a couple of those suburbs and stuff. What doesn’t make sense is choosing a service area that reaches maybe an hour or hours away from where you’re at, because Google’s never going to show that listing to people in those cities anyway.

So when it comes to do’s and don’ts for this, what you do want to do is choose a service area where you actually want to target. The more specific you can be the better because it’s more accurate for searchers that are looking for you. What you don’t want to do is cast too big of a net because it’s going to dilute the power of this listing because you’re trying to be everywhere at once versus just the area where you’re operating right now.

So think about it as well. Do you really want deals hours away from you? Having to spend more money to actually render that service? You know, maybe it’s your installer doing it, you don’t really care, but let’s just think about the reality here that Google is only going to show this profile to people in the area where they’re actually searching.

If we look at an example of a good versus a bad service area where we have in front of you is an example of a good one. I live in Albuquerque, New Mexico, this is the example it’s up on the screen. The good service area includes all of Albuquerque and then it would include some of these other areas that are around.

It’ll reach up to Rio, Rancho, reach up into Corrales, some of these others like what would be considered suburbs of Albuquerque and you should do the same thing for your solar company. What you should not do is choose a service area that’s like the entire United States, you know, or all of the entire state that you’re in.

What would be a better move is to get other Google listings that pertain to those specific areas. So these are some examples of good versus bad service areas. What you really want to do is focus where you’re actually at. Get other Google business listings if you want to target further than the actual cities that you’re in.


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