Our Story

Tired of spending money on Facebook and Youtube ads that bring in low-quality leads? Or maybe it’s just the high cost of customer acquisition that is getting you down. These problems are all over the solar industry, and that’s why our founder Avram Gonzales created Digital Harvest Solar. After owning and operating a successful search engine optimization agency based in Albuquerque for the better part of a decade, Gonzales decided to steer the company’s focus towards this incredible industry that helps so many people and the planet. We’ve crafted a comprehensive digital marketing plan for solar companies that really works—combining our expertise in SEO with world-class digital marketing tools to bring in 1-2 more closed deals per sales rep per month.

Learn About the Heartbeat of Digital Harvest
From Our Roots to Where We Are Going

Our why, our history, and our goals, all play into how we serve your business.

Why We Do What We Do

Digital Harvest Solar exists to help solar companies establish their authority in their region by creating more trust in their communities. And we don’t work with just any solar company. We care about partnering with solar companies that care about impacting their communities and prioritize the value of providing for their employees and their families. Our proven, proprietary methods utilize all of the industry best practices and we truly care about people over projects. We have a team of talented professionals across the spectrum of digital marketing that create together to produce marketing results for solar companies.


Digital Harvest was founded by Avram Gonzales, who, after getting an MBA from Denver University, decided there had to be even more than what school had to offer for marketing success. His first iteration of an SEO company was based out of Boulder, Colorado. Avram created this agency in the aftermath of seeing his family’s dry cleaning business go under, even though their offerings were superior compared to the market. After relocating to Albuquerque in 2016, Gonzales expanded his offerings and his team to create Digital Harvest as it is today.

The Future of Digital Harvest Solar

We believe in the importance of renewable energy and want to build up the companies that are doing it right—with integrity and quality. SEO and digital marketing can change the door-knocking grind of solar companies and help them thrive with more closed deals from web search and trust established online. Our long-term goals include helping many solar companies become the trusted authority on solar in their areas and helping them make a larger impact on their communities.

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