Scoop Up More Solar Deals When You Do These 4 Things to Earn Trust

Of course you already know, TRUST is key to gaining bids and getting new business. But is your solar company doing the things you need to do to gain trust? In this video series we like to call the Solar Stable Table of Trust, Digital Harvest Solar founder Avram Gonzales shares the 4 things your company needs to be doing to gain the trust of people in your community.

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Below, you will find a transcript of this entire video. Enjoy!

Hey, what’s good. Avram Gonzales here from Digital Harvest, just chilling on the back patio this morning with some morning muses around what we could do better in the solar industry here. I got my cup of Joe, the foot of the mountain place we went to on my honeymoon with my lovely wife, a couple of years back.

Hey, listen. There are a couple of reasons why solar companies are losing money, hand over fist and their reps were aware of it. A lot of times the company itself might be aware of it but isn’t doing anything or taking any major steps to do better. And honestly, this is a place where you can go far beyond your competition in the marketplace and start scooping up more deals on a consistent basis.

And the reason is it all boils down to. Trust. Yeah, you’ve heard this before. Right? You’ve heard this before, but I don’t think that everybody’s paying attention to the things that matter that you can put into place that when all of the things are equal, you will win the bid. Your rep will seal the deal because of these things.

Okay. I call it the stable table of trust for solar. I learned this because of working with many other different industries over the years, solar being one. Where the amount of trust for somebody to do business with you is a lot higher. So it’s a larger investment. People get scared of the idea of like signing a contract and doing a bunch of financing.

They needed to really feel confident that you, your business, and the product that you’re signing is the right thing for them. And it can take time to build that trust and it can be very easy to lose it. The four stable table legs of trust, the four legs here. It’s like, you think about a traditional table.

You got four legs, it’s stable, you got three legs. You can still make it work anything less than that. You’re going to start to struggle. If you do this, you execute these four things. You’re going to be better for it. Your business will be better for it, and you literally can’t lose. So those things are, and then I’m going to go into more detail in subsequent lives over the next few days, your website.

And what’s actually on it, some stretch strategic thought about what goes into that. We’re going to talk more about that. The reviews that you have, specifically in different places are most important because it’s that third-party feedback that’s going to put a prospect at ease. Do you ever have an issue where, and this doesn’t apply to everybody, right?

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But the prospect says, I, you know, I looked you up online. And I couldn’t find much or what I found was not good. You know, those are the things that we need to engineer around that should never become an objection and they might seem simple, but they have a huge, long-lasting impact on every single activity that occurs in your organization.

The third thing and this is becoming more and more important is your social media. Again, prospective customers are looking you up online and they want to see, are you active? Just talked to a friend of mine the other day. And, um, they said, you know, this, this company is going through a transition. And so they haven’t been updating their social media.

They haven’t been doing a lot of stuff lately. And the person said, Hey, everything was great. I am a little concerned though, because like, you guys have updated your stuff online in a long time. And that’s a, that’s a real objection. They’re just, it’s about trust. Right? And there are such easy ways to engineer around that, you know, we’re not talking about anything that has never been talked about before, but we’re talking about placing a different level of priority on these things so that they work for you instead of against you.

And the fourth part of this stable table is your message. And that permeates through everything. It’s also the actions that your company is taking in the community. It’s what you stand for or against it’s the causes that you promote. Okay. There are many things that go into that message and how you convey your unique value into the marketplace across your website, across your social media, across other places, across, you know, the words that are being spoken at dining room tables across the country.

These are the four legs of the stable table of trust that every solar company needs to thrive. And if you have these four places, these four things, and trust, I cared for you, you will start picking up more deals. And unless you’re, if you’re not tracking it, you may not notice it. But if you are tracking, you will notice, you will notice an increase around the conversion of all company activities.

As a result of executing on these four areas. That’s something that we can help with at Digital Harvest is the stable table of trust and getting all these things in strategic alignment so you can crush more deals without changing a thing. So if you or somebody, you know, is a solar boss running their own solar empire, had them reach out to me.

We’ll get on a call. We’ll talk about how we can do this for you. Um, but in the subsequent next few days, just stay tuned. I’m going to go into detail on each of these four legs and give you some more info that could help you grow your business. Thanks so much for tuning in and we’ll catch you on the flip side.


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Avram Gonzales

About the Author

Avram Gonzales has always been a visionary and a supporter of people. His marketing expertise and desire to help small business owners thrive brought about Digital Harvest.

For each client, Avram creates a plan of attack to dramatically improve their ranking, using our arsenal of proprietary methods. Avram also empowers small businesses to succeed by teaching webinars and guest speaking at various events.

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