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Google searches for solar panels are at an all-time high! Looking at the search term volume over time, since 2004, 2021 and 2022 have seen the highest-ever volume of searches.

What does this mean for your solar company? You can’t neglect your web presence (mainly website, social media, and blogging) when planning your marketing strategies. Watch the latest video from Digital Harvest Solar to learn more.

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Hey, what’s good solar boss. It’s Avram Gonzales here from Digital Harvest and we’re looking at some solar marketing trends for 2022 and found some interesting stuff that you need to be aware of as a solar owner here using the free Google Trends tool. So just popped in the term here are solar panels and pulled up some info that goes all the way back to 2004 and discovered that literally like two years ago, solar and solar panels and solar-related searches were half of what they are today. This chart represents the higher the peaks are on this chart, the closer to the most interest being a hundred that this term has ever seen in history, and the lower is the least interest compared to the peak. So literally peaking in the year 2021, peaking again, 2022, where in 2020 in earlier the interest was about half.

What does this mean for you as a solar owner? It means that if you don’t have a strong website and web presence, you are leaving so much more money on the table to your competitors. Having a healthy growing business requires that you bring in leads from multiple sources, google should be one of them. But people have kind of forgotten about this because there are less people here traditionally looking for solar, then you can dig up through Facebook ads, door knocking other methods like that, but you can’t sleep on Google. Because there are other forces at play now including our government heavily subsidizing this industry and making a push for more and more of America to go solar by 2030. So people are naturally looking online and getting more curious. If you can put your brand and your business in front of that searcher, who’s looking for what information? We might have a situation where four times or 10 times as many people today, looking, we’ll be looking in the future and even just a couple of years from right now. So this is something that my company helps with. We have a product called the Solar Install Maximizer. It has everything to do with penetrating the searches that are happening here on Google and other places and bringing those hot qualified prospects directly to your doorstep.

Starts right here, starts with being aware of the trend, and getting in front of it. And that’s something that we help with at Digital Harvest. Maybe we can help you too. If that’s you give us a shout-out, comment below and hit us up, we’re happy to help, but, be on top of it. The website is a big part of the piece. If you don’t have it going on, you don’t have things going on with Google. You’re missing out in a big, big way.

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Avram Gonzales has always been a visionary and a supporter of people. His marketing expertise and desire to help small business owners thrive brought about Digital Harvest.

For each client, Avram creates a plan of attack to dramatically improve their ranking, using our arsenal of proprietary methods. Avram also empowers small businesses to succeed by teaching webinars and guest speaking at various events.

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