It’s Time for a Mindset Shift on the Purpose of Social Media in Gaining New Solar Clients

Frustrated that your company’s social media efforts aren’t getting you leads? Maybe it’s time for a mindset shift on the role of social media. At Digital Harvest, we’re always preaching about the relationship—and social media is a great place to build relationships within your community without going directly for the sale. Learn more about how in our Solar Stable Table of Trust video series.

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Below, you will find a transcript of this entire video. Enjoy!

Hey friends, what's good? It's Avram Gonzales here from Digital Harvest and in today's video, I wanna talk about the importance of social media in marketing and growing your solar company.

Now, this information is useful for most other industries as well, and requires a bit of a mental mind shift in order to understand social media's place and its most effective use in generating business for your company.

So this is part three of our four part series in the stable table of trust in maximizing your solar installs, building more trust, and obliterating objections before they even become one for your perspective customers. So social media is an effective way to grow most, any business, but depending on the industry, you have to really hone in where it's valuable and how you have to use it as one of the tools in your toolkit.

And so for solar companies, it's a bit different. A lot of people use social media in such a way that they're kind of blasting messages out and hoping I think, that they're gonna generate leads, generate sales just by doing that. Problem is, is people are on social media to check out cute cat videos and catch up with their friends and their, their cousins and things like that.

They're not on there to buy something and so what we have to do and consider is creating content and things that actually appeal to them. So take another step backward, then if you can't really directly generate leads and sales through social media in that manner, then how do you go about doing that? It's all relationship based. It's all about the long term play. It's about understanding that social media serves a particular point in the consideration to the buying mind of your customer. 

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So the mental shift is this. If you shift from looking at social media as a way to get business and look at it as more of a way to accomplish three different things, become top of mind with your perspective, customers establish further legitimacy of your company and to educate people on the benefits, the value of solar, then you got yourself a winning combination. What you do is you're able to extend the relationship beyond the initial sit. And if the proposal doesn't close, you get to keep them around and indoctrinate them closer and further to the point that they do.

Where does social media really fit in all of this? It's about that trust piece. Okay. I hear it all the time from solar owners. Most recently, client of ours was looking to close a deal. They're in a transition space in their company. And they're moving into being an installer as well. It's just going from the broker dealer model and the customer asked them why they haven't been updating all their stuff on social media, which is interesting, right? That the fact that you didn't update things on your Facebook or your Instagram page could lead a customer to even think that you're less legitimate or that you're not the real deal. Cause here's the fact, right? Your competitors are out there hustling, right? They're showing up their best selves, online, all the platforms and channels that matter and they're knocking down objection after objection before the customer even has it in. Having your social media as silly as it sounds, updated on a frequent basis can be the difference between closing the deal or not, that's why the purpose of this video and the others I've been recording recently about the stable table of trust, all the things being equal, if you have these things in place, you knock the deals down. It's easier for you to get them. It's easier for everybody on your sales team to earn the trust of the customer and close the deals just by doing these things, right?

So today's all about social media. Tomorrow's gonna be about something a bit different. We're gonna wrap up this four part series and the stable table of trust. If you or somebody that you know is a solar boss, you own the company, and you're looking for ways to maximize your installs without spending money on Facebook ads, without spending money on Google ads, all that kind of stuff. We got solutions for you. This is a compliment to everything else that you're already doing, and we can help you grow your business by leaps and bounds, the smart in the strategic way.

So get at me if you got questions, come up below. If you've got questions and we'll catch you on the next one, see you soon.

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