3 Keys to Earn Referrals for Life

Referrals are the lifeblood of any business. And in this video, I’m going to share with you 3 keys to earning them for life. So whether you’re a new business or an existing one, watch this video and apply these tips so you can start generating more word-of-mouth marketing and increase your bottom line.

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What up it’s Avram here from Digital Harvest here with the rest of the fam Rachel, Lincoln, Zuna yeah. Hey, we’re talking referrals for life this morning. I’ve got three keys for you. They really change your business, change your world if you take ’em seriously. But first I’ll tell you a story about these three keys.

I think it’ll make more sense. Uh, let’s go back 13 years ago, right? Coz we all love referrals. How do you get more of them? Well, this is it, the three keys. It’s a big strategy for you. Let’s go back 13 years ago, met this gentleman, Bradley Will. What’s up Brad? Thanks for the inspiration for this video.

Met Bradley Will did a little bit of business together. Then didn’t see each other, or really talk to each other much for like four or five, maybe six years on and off touch base. A couple of months ago told each other, and shared a bit more about what we were up to now, what our goals are, and where we were headed. It’s a good time.

I get a message like a month later, maybe a little bit more. I got a referral, from Brad. What? It’s amazing. Somebody I’ve known 12, 13 years don’t have like a super strong relationship, but enough of one that he felt good enough to refer.

So the three keys though, three keys to these referrals for life.

The first key is make an impression. Back in the day, Brad and I made time for each other to make an impression. We actually talked with each other. We actually got to know each other a little bit. That was the first key. Right, had to remember me in order to refer me. That’s pretty important.

The second thing was we stayed in touch very loosely through social media. That’s the beautiful thing about social media these days you stay in touch with people after you have talked to them, seen them, or met them and that connection can extend and last, a longer amount of time without social media. Brad and I would’ve probably forgotten about each other and we, uh, this referral would’ve never happened.

Okay. That’s the second key. Right? The first key, make an impression. The second key, stay in contact. Doesn’t have to be any special. Okay. Do videos on strategies on how to do that. That’s not this video today, but the third key in the one, I think that everybody gets tripped up on is this one stay in the game long enough to receive the referral.

If there’s one thing you came to this video for today, it’s that piece stays in the game long enough to get the referral. Nobody wants to give a referral to somebody or give somebody business. Who’s been in the game for two years, three years? If they have a choice to go with somebody who’s been in for 10 years, 15 years or more, right?

Why would they also, if somebody has known you for doing the same thing for 10, 15 years, and somebody needs your services, who are they gonna refer you? You’re at the top of my in-person for that thing, because you’ve been sticking with it. And in the game for long enough.

Two new people, quit their business, start another business, start a new career, do something different and they lose out on the compounding momentum that happens over time of more and more people knowing you for what you do, knowing you as the authority for what you do and being that go-to referral for whatever that service or product is that you offer.

If you want referrals for life, you have to do those three things. It starts with making an impression. If people don’t remember you or know what you do. You’re the host. The second is staying in contact. Social media makes it easier than ever before. Lots of strategies for how you do that. But the third step to staying in the game over the long haul is gonna guarantee their referral.

I want you to back this up and think about it for a second. Okay. How many referrals do you think that I’ve received over the years? Because I’ve been in digital marketing for almost 15 years. So the referral that I got this month, the referral that I got last year, the referral that I got two years ago, none of those would have worked out.

Had I not still been in the game. Those are like the gifts from the universe that are wanting to go to you. You miss out on that referral. You cannot earn referrals for life. If you are constantly changing things. Just stick in the game. You’ll get the referrals. Talk to my buddy, Mike Schlichte, who’s been in real estate for damn near 15, 20 years. So many people have come back time and time again because he’s the only one left in the game and they had a good experience with him in the first place. So that’s it.

That’s how you earn referrals for life. It’s my thought too, this morning, as we’re taking a little walk down to the grand opening of Dutch brothers by our house. We never been, we don’t know what to expect, but if you walk to this video, let me know. What’s your fave I was gonna say, should we go, well, we’re already on the way we’re doing it.

Have a great day. We’ll see you on the other side. Bye.

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