Using the Services & Products Section Effectively on GBP for Solar Companies

Your solar company might offer a few different services and products. How do you show them off? Check out this video to learn exactly how to make the most of the services and products sections of your Google Business Profile. We’ll give you a hint…name dropping is a good thing!

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Below, you will find a transcript of this entire video. Enjoy!

Let’s talk about step five out of 10 for the Ultimate Guide to Google Business Profile Optimization for Solar Companies. Here, we’re going to look at these services and product sections, which is a space where most people ignore that Google’s looking for even more juice and reasons to serve you up to prospective searchers.

This is a place where you can really stand apart because most people are not doing it. When it comes to the reasons why we do it, it’s pretty simple. If you don’t tell people and you don’t tell Google what it is you have to offer, they’re simply not gonna know. And when it comes to the different types of brands and equipment and things that you’re installing on people’s homes, the more information, the better it’s going to be for people to choose you over the competition.

So brand names are a really big, important piece here because people are already doing some of their research and they’re looking for the company that can give them the thing that they’ve been looking for and researching online. So some different services and things that you could include on your Google business profile would be things like solar panel installation, and solar panel repair if you do that, commercial, if you do that, residential, if you do that and even something like a home energy audit, those are things that people would actually be searching for. Those are services that you might actually have, that you could include on your Google Business Profile.

So you have up to 300 characters to use on that section which is not as much as the full Google business description like we discussed in step number four, but that’s a lot of space you can work with and you can add as many different services as you actually have to this profile. So the more the merrier, but it has to make sense for what you’re actually offering. And another bonus tip, if this information also exists on your website and it’s reflected in the Google business profile, you’re going to get extra juice out of this. So that’s a pro tip for you.

When it comes to the products, this is where I think it’s really exciting for solar companies and Google My Business for solar, right, that’s what they used to call, Google My Business. So when the products you want to include different panels, brand names, and pieces of equipment that you actually install. So this is where it’s really exciting because when somebody is doing a search for something like Panasonic solar panels, you know, or SunPower or whatever it is, if you have this on your Google Business Profile, then it’s possible for you to be found. It doesn’t guarantee that you’ve found it, but it makes it possible that you’ve found it for that related search.

So, as we’ve mentioned in other sections more is generally better. It just has to be congruent with what you’re actually offering. So don’t put a bunch of brands and panels and things on here, things that you’re not actually installing because it won’t match the search when somebody comes to you looking for these particular things.


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